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Argentine Tango.com.au

Argentine Tango Music

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"To be a great lead, do not love the woman you dance with; rather, listen to the music and love it! Beautiful tango is a process of transference - your love for the music will be transferred to the follower, and she will be enchanted." John Vaina

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Musicians - Bands

  • Alturas Tango
  • Mandragora Tango
  • Ruth Roshan and Tango Noir
  • Tangalo
  • Tango Paradiso

    Tango Playlist
  • Tango Playlist.com
  • The Organic Tango School DJ Resource
  • Tanda of The Week
  • Tango Imperial


  • Argentina-Tango - Music
  • Tango Lyrics in Spanish and English
  • Tango Rhythm - Beats, Syncopat, 3+3+2 - Youtube video


  • Helaine Treitman Tango - youtube link
  • Tango Lesson: Milonga Basic Rhythm & Phrasing - youtube link
  • Grisha (Gregory) Nisnevich. Tango musicality / tango History class. Vol. 1 Memorial Day Tango
  • Joaquin Amenabar
  • Tango Musicality Workshops - youtube link

    A bit of fun

  • Tango Musicality Workshop with famous Teacher

    'In tango you can lie, but you can't in milonga - because of the tempo.' ~ Hector Falcon