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Argentine Tango Terminology

abrazo: embrace (as in dance hold).
adornos: embellishments
amague: A step to the side, then stop, before taking a step.
arrastre: a drag
axis: The center vertical line around which one's balance is maintained
barrida: sweep
boleo: To throw
cadencia: cadence: Any steps done in a rhythm of syncopation.
caminar: to walk
corte: cut.
cruzada: cross.
desplazamiento: displacement.
dibujo: drawing.
enganche: hooking
enrosque: from enroscar. To coil, twist.
giro: turn
Fantasia: stage tango
llevada: To transport (see barrida).
media vuelta: half turn
milonga: music or the dance which preceded the tango, written in 2/4 time; or event where people dance tango.
Milonguero: one who attends the milongas.
milongueros: refers to those frequenting the milongas.
molinete: Little windmill or fan
mordida: bite.

ochos: eights
ocho atras: ochos backward
ocho cortado: Cut eight where the leader brings the woman feet back to a cross.
parada: stop: To move and stop a partner's foot by pushing their foot with your own.
pasos: Steps.
Pecho. chest.
Pista: dance floor.
resolucion: resolution.Ending of a common basic.
ritmo: rhythm. In tango, the rythem can 8 count or 4/4
quebrada: break.
salida: exit, or start.
salida cruzada: the beginning of a pattern with a crossight.
Salon: A style of dancing for the milonga or small club, as opposed to stage tango or Fantasia.
sandwichito: One partner's foot is sandwiched between the other partner's feet.
seguir: to follow.
sentada: a sitting action.
sacada: a displacement
Vals: a tango waltz
peso, (el): weight.
piso, (el): floor
pista, (la): dance floor
preguntar: to ask.
piernas, (las): The legs
rapido: fast. Usually heard "mas rapido." or faster

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"No woman needs more than one pair of shoes.
But in the matters of women's shoes - the word need is meaningless."
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